Saturday, April 25, 2009

photos - various

Kervens Guerrier received surgery for repair of a clubbed foot on the USNS Comfort. He is not very happy to have a cast on his leg. In 4 weeks he will need the pins in his foot removed.

Roosevelt Rejuste received a hernia surgery on the USNS Comfort ship. We will be taking him next week to a doctor for a post-op check-up. He is doing well.

In November 2008 David Marzelus' family abandoned him at the entrance to the emergency department at General Hospital. We brought him back to his family.

He made a visit this week. He still is at his family's home. I am glad that his family has not abandoned him again.

Manu went with a couple of other people from Coram Deo to buy something for his birthday. While walking he noticed David lying on the sidewalk by the mayor's office. He helped him walk all the way back to our house as he didn't know where David's house was. We then brought him to David's home. I am proud of what Manu did. He saw someone in trouble and tried to help.

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