Saturday, April 25, 2009

photos - calwens

Today we brought Calwens, sister and his mother to the Gonaives bus station. They had a post-op checkup at Healing Hands on Friday. He is doing well. His mother is happy to go home to the rest of her family who live in Marmelade.

Another of the hydrocephalus parent's stopped by the house today. Sterling Bonhomme's mother helped to carry Calwens. Hydrocephalus mothers have a common bond.

Lukner found them a seat on the bus that is loading luggage.

In Haiti public transportation quite often have biblical themes painted on them. "Lavi se yon konba" is the creole expression for "Life is a battle". Underneath is a symbol of a shepherd holding a lamb and the creole expression "Jesus ken bem" which means "Jesus hold me" in english.

This bus has "CHRIST VIVANT" printed on its side which means "Christ Lives" in english. We just recently finished celebrating Christ's victory on the cross. The design on this bus proudly proclaims the fact that Christ lives!

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