Tuesday, April 14, 2009

photos - USNS Comfort - part 1

While waiting outside of the coast guard station I noticed a lady holding a hydrocephalus baby. She had heard about the USNS Comfort hospital ship and was hoping that they would be willing to help her. I took her information and told her to register at Healing Hands for the next hydrocephalus evaluations. It doesn't take long to build another hydrocephalus search list!

The Cite Soleil medical clinic was located in the Terminal Varreux area which is an industrial area. There were no signs indicating how to get there. We found it though with the help of some haitian people that we knew.

Here is another building near the clinic site.

Behind this wall and container there is an entrance to a gate and behind the gate is the area of the medical clinic.

This is the haitian carpenter that we met at the St. Katherine Hospital in Cite Soleil. He helped us to find the clinic site. He offered to carry Poutchino for Dorothy who is standing by the gate behind him. This is where we waited until the people formed a line which took a while!

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