Tuesday, April 14, 2009

photos - USNS Comfort - part 2

The main medical clinic was held at the Base Navale Amiral Killick which is located in the Martissant area of Carrefour.

These patients are waiting to be screened before moving on to the consultation areas at the back.

Tents were set up to shelter people from the sun while they were waiting. Because it was hot outside and no access to vendors water was regularly handed out to people to keep them hydrated.

These people are waiting to get xrays done. All surgical patients and their escort needed to have a chest xray done to screen against TB. The personnel didn't want to have TB transported onto the ship! Chris is waiting in line with one of the children from her orphanage, Charles Blanc who will be getting surgery for an umbilical hernia.

While I was waiting near the xray area I looked up and noticed a shell on the ledge above. I hope it is not armed and is a souvenir and not a forgotten munition left over from the old Haitian military.

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