Sunday, April 5, 2009

photos - various

This is the view from Silin Jean's "back yard", which is in the Fond Parisien area.

On Wednesday morning, Cynthia, Calwens and Carmillo went for another cat scan at the CDTI hospital. When they were finished we drove them home. Calwens Sanon and his mother continued to stay here at Coram Deo this week.

This is Mackary. A couple of months ago he started to come and hang out with the other children here. He is a good kid. This afternoon I got back home and saw a young boy in the yard. I asked him who he was and he said he was Mackary's brother.

Hopital La Paix didn't have enough hospital beds, so Johny of Healing Hands asked us if we could drive out to their patient guesthouse (Sonia B. Green) to pick up some beds. A pickup truck is sure handy for hauling stuff!

There is some construction going on at Hopital La Paix. During the last hospital strike an emergency department was requested by the staff of this hospital. Construction is now taking place to make this a reality.

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