Sunday, April 5, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part b

Loubene Dorvulus was the first baby to get surgery on Saturday afternoon. He had the ETV procedure (3rd ventriculoscopy). He doesn't need a shunt with this procedure. Pray he heals and doesn't need further surgery . It's great when they can do the babies when they are still so young.

This photo is taken on Sunday morning. Loubene is bright eyed and alert. He is doing well!

Sterling Bonhomme had her surgery as well. There were 3 babies who had surgery on Saturday. She is doing well too!

Now that Sterling has her surgery for hydrocephalus her second problem needs to be addressed which is clubbed feet. If her brain is not too damaged there is hope for her one day to walk and she'll need her feet straightened to make this possible. Pray for all the future care that she will need.

Jaezer Elima was not selected for surgery. Jaezer's mother is sitting on a chair in front of her house. She lives in the La Tremblay section past Croix des Bouquets. She is not giving up hope for her baby. She says she will take him to prayer services and pray for God to touch him. She knows that whatever happens will be God's will on Jaezer's life. Please keep this family in prayer.

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bluelady said...

Jaezer Elima was not selected for surgery??? why wa that?

kathy dx hydro 2003