Tuesday, April 14, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 1

Here is a photo of the University of Miami neurosurgery team. The surgeries went well!

The mothers did a good job looking after their babies after they came out of surgery. You can see the look of concern on the face of this mother as she holds her crying child.

Once the children were bright-eyed and drinking the mother's faces relaxed to one of joy that their child received the help that they needed.

Calwens' mother and big sister are sitting with him after his surgery. Calwens had a shunt put in. This is the 2nd surgery for him. Hopefully he will not need any more surgeries.

This is Joey who is the abandoned baby from Cite Soleil that Chris took in to His Home for Children. He had some seizures after his surgery but he is now doing well. He is a cute baby! Pray he recovers and that a family is found to adopt him.

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Dinesh said...


Congrats to all for a helping the babies. You have commented in Calwens' case - "Hopefully he will not need any more surgeries." Is it because of any technical advances or is it that we pray so ?
I ask because I have a daughter 14 years old and has Hydrocephalus and has been operated 8 times till now.

Dinesh Kaul