Saturday, April 25, 2009

photos - various

On Friday was Manu's 11th birthday! We went to Epi Dor for his birthday and enjoyed a cheeseburger and french fries. We brought a cake back home and ate it that evening. This is one of Manu's friends - Harold.

Recently the children came running to my room with a crab that they found in the yard. In its effort to escape the crab scurried from his shell.

The children wanted to take a picture and decided that it would look nice to have some flowers in it. They then tried to get the crab to crawl back into its shell. Boys will be boys!

We visited Michkardel Poutoute. She had a skin graft surgery done in December 2008. We wanted to check up and see how she was doing.

When we first got there the youngest children ran. See in the background the young girl hiding behind her mother. I think that she was worried that I would take her to the hospital! Michkardel is sitting on the stairs. She wasn't happy to see me.

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