Saturday, April 18, 2009

photos - carrefour traffic

On Monday afternoon there was a large traffic jam on the Carrefour Road. We first tried to take the Fontamara road but when we met up with the large rara we turned around and went back to the Carrefour traffic jam. I had my camera with me and took some photos. The Carrefour road always floods when it rains and the drainage canals don't work. There's lots of sitting water and garbage lying around.

The "marchands" (vendors) sit on the edges of the watery areas. The standing water is not very clean.

These are sacs of charcoal.

Driving around Port-au-Prince there is usually a UN vehicle around. The red and white car is a UN police vehicle.

The writing on the door of this room marks it as a "prayer cell". In Haiti groups of people will get together sometimes in people's homes especially to pray. These are called "jeune" services. When people attend these services they feel strengthened in their faith. People bring all their cares and burdens to these "jeune" services and pray together with others. Many of the parents we try to find help for will attend these "jeune" services asking the Lord to open a door for their child to find medical care.

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