Saturday, April 25, 2009

photos - koolikoo joseph - USNS Comfort

Koolikoo Joseph is around 9 years old and he is mentally handicapped and was abandoned at General Hospital. The USNS Comfort crew that was working at rehabilitating the pharmacy saw him and brought him to the hospital ship for medical treatment. He had been hit by a car.

After being discharged from the USNS Comfort, an American missionary said he would take him to his orphanage. Instead he dropped Koolikioo back at General Hospital. We went on Monday to bring him to another orphanage and this woman who was his "minder" told me that I would have to speak with the person who was "responsable". The end of this story is that he now is in an orphanage.

We brought him to a boys' home in Jacmel. The administration there may transfer him to another orphanage that they have in Fermathe. He now has a home!

The view from the roof of the orphanage in Jacmel is beautiful. Jacmel has beautiful beaches and a great scenic view.

This area reminds me of the Georgian Bay area in Ontario. We couldn't stay long to enjoy the scenery though. We had to head back to Port-au-Prince before it got dark.

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