Saturday, April 18, 2009

photos - USNS Comfort - part 4

Michelore Noel is doing well at Deedee's . His right femur bone is at almost a 45 degree angle and he needed surgery to straighten it. If he didn't get the surgery done the scoliosis is his back would keep getting worse. When he first came to Deedee's the doctor had said that he would never be able to walk. You can see the doctor was wrong!

Michelore got a ride in a helicopter coming back from the boat to the Amiral Killick Coast Guard station.

The helicopter landed in the soccer field of the coast guard station

One of the soldiers gave him a ride in a wheelchair from the helicopter to the pickup truck. The surgery that he had involved putting a rod through the middle of the femur to keep it straight. He will need to be in a cast for the next 8 weeks.

Mich loves to laugh and made a lot of friends while he was on the USNS Comfort! Pray the bone heals well and that he has no complications and for Deedee who will need to keep him out of trouble! He is an active boy!

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