Thursday, April 2, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus evaluations - part 4

This mother was waiting in hope that her daughter would be one of the chosen ones for hydrocephalus surgery.

Daphka Desir was hospitalized in 2006 when she was only 22 days old with meningitis. Her head circumference started to increase. Hydrocephalus is a condition sometimes caused by a meningitis infection in the brain. According to the mother there was leakage of fluid after several months and the head circumference started to decrease. She had a photo to prove it. This is the first case that I have seen of a hydrocephalus going away by itself. She still has brain damage though but when the mother sees the other babies around her who have large heads she feels that her child has been blessed. She had come to Coram Deo looking for help a few months ago.

After the patients were seen they headed for home. This photo is the entrance of the Hopital Universitair de la Paix (Peace Hospital). This state hospital is located on Delmas 33. We give the Lord thanks that the government supports the hydrocephalus project by providing the facilities for the neurosurgery team to operate. Project Medishare and Healing Hands co-ordinate the surgeries with the Ministry of Health. Pray for the upcoming surgeries.

We gave a few of the families rides home. It is difficult to transport hydrocephalus children on public transport and we try to help when we can.

Lafton is a smart and joyful boy. While riding in the pickup truck he was singing some of the songs that he knew. He has a good voice. One of the songs he sang was "Jesus Seul" (only Jesus).

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