Sunday, February 27, 2011

photos - marlene's team - part 25

Sunday afternoon we went for a drive and were driving through the Tabarre area. The visitors wanted to stop to take a photo of this large dove statue in a small little park setting.

I told the visitors that the residence of the ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide was across the street. The graffitti written on the wall of his property reads "Aristide must return quickly".

In the driveway at the entrance to Aristide's property was a UN tank manned by soldiers from Brazil. One of the soldier's popped up through the hatch to take a look at what the "blance" were up to.

We thought it unusual that we saw a few tanks parked in several locations and Marlene asked the soldier what was going on.

The soldier replied "Traffic Control"! We thought that was kind of strange. There was not much traffic on a Sunday afternoon.

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