Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Water Cistern Cleaning Day

We collect the rain water from our roof into our water cistern when it rains. City water is almost non-existent. When it doesn't rain we buy a water truck load of water (3,000 gallons). Every couple of months we give the water cistern a good cleaning. With the rains that we had a couple of weeks ago we got a lot of water but also a dirty water cistern too. We have 2 filters to filter our drinking water (uv filter and a separate filter to remove particles in the water. Job, our youngest Coram Deo resident was the supervisor. He enjoyed the small snake that the guys found in the reservoir and came to show it to me. The guys did a great job at cleaning and scrubbing the cistern. Once they were done we ordered a water truck load of water. Glad to have lots of helping hands here :)

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