Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haiti Easter Miracle

A miracle happened this morning. Since Sunday afternoon the young men in the ravine have been using the tools that we gave them to break the large wall that collapsed into the ravine. Progress is being made each day. Today they found a 4-month-old baby under the wall and the miracle is that the baby was still alive. We give the Lord thanks to be part of this miracle. Without the tools that we gave the ravine people the baby may not have been found in time. Just like Jesus was entombed for 3 days and then rose from the dead this young baby was entombed under the collapsed wall for 3 days. The baby is injured and in hospital. The baby was rushed to the hospital by the members of the Church of The Rock. The Church on the rock is now contributing materials to the work effort too. Yesterday when we went to speak with the administration of Church On The Rock they told us that they were bringing in heavy equipment today. The heavy equipment would have crushed this baby.  After seeing the work effort of the ravine people the heavy equipment is no longer needed. Around 40 young men are part of the wall busting team and their efforts, determination and persistence led to this miracle. Praise the Lord!

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