Friday, April 10, 2015

Delmas 31 Ravine - Wall Demolition - April 7

Tuesday was when the most work was done. 40 young men were hard at work busting up the wall. Church on the Rock put a work crew together to work at preparing a foundation for a new retaining wall. It has been a blessing that we have had no major rainstorms this week. Church on the Rock is a large church led by an American missionary, Jay Threadgill. In a plea put out by their church in a news article they estimate the repair costs at 100,000 US$. The Haitian people have a strong Christian faith. Churches are full on Easter mornings. In the article the Sunday church attendance was 8,000 people. In spite of all the damage people still worshipped the day that Jesus arose from the tomb. Please keep the repair work in prayer.

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