Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter Sunday - Eglise Du Dieu Vivant

Easter Sunday we attended Pastor Octave's church which is across the street from Coram Deo. The church members were putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside and inside walls of the church the week before Easter. Easter Sunday was also the 42nd anniversary of the Eglise Du Dieu Vivant (Church Of The Living God). Pastor Octave was the founder and has been the only pastor in this church's history. Marie, who is our cook is a member of the church and also a member of the church committee. Since it was a day of celebration for Easter and also the anniversary there was no offering collected. The church members made a meal for everyone in the congregation. To celebrate the anniversary the church committee came to the front to get recognized by everyone in the church. The worship leader, a short man pictured in the 4th picture was shaking the champagne bottle while the committee members were introduced to the church. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I have seen people do this at the end of car races and victory celebrations but never in church:) After a couple of minutes of shaking the bottle he popped the cork and our cook Marie got a champagne shower! It was hilarious. The members of the committee than drank the rest of the champagne that was in the bottle. At the end of the service we all had a meal and drank a coke. It was a day of firsts for me. This was the first time that I saw a church not hold a church offering and also the first time for a champagne shower celebration :)

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