Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shooting Today

It has been a quiet couple of weeks with shootings. Today, at around 1:00pm we heard 3 gun shots. We rushed out to the street to see who had been shot. A man had been shot 3 times, had tried to run away and collapsed on our street. He was still breathing. We put him in the back of the pickup truck and rushed him to Bernard Mevs Hospital. Unfortunately, once the medical personnel had moved him into triage he had already died. He had a gunshot wound in his chest, left side and left elbow. The doctors think that the gunshot to the chest hit his aorta. We searched his body and found an id card with the name Orlando Cesar. The police came and sent a justice of the peace to the hospital. We had to make a report at the police station. People are scared. Nobody will say anything to the police about what happened today, making it difficult for them to do their job. Pray for the family of Orlando Cesar and for security in the Delmas 31 area.

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