Saturday, April 4, 2015

Madelaine Laurore - Diabetes

The guys are on Easter Break this week. They spent a morning at Jhonser and Eryl's mothers home to do some repairs. It is great to see the guys of Coram Deo helping out someone in need. Madelaine (pink shirt) has diabetes and we support her with her insulin medicine. She is very poor and can't afford to buy the insulin. She had problems with bad infections of her feet. Now that her blood sugar is under control she is now healthier. A vial of Novolin 70/30 insulin costs 12 US$... and each month she goes to FHADIMAC (Haitian Diabetes Association) to see a diabetes specialist. Madelaine is one of the people that we help in the Canaan community with medical care. Madelaine will have to take insulin for the rest of her life. She is an example of one of the people who we have helped in our medical outreach program to people in the community. Please pray for Madelaine and for financial support for Coram Deo.

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