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Haiti: 6 Deaths And 8,000 Homes Flooded Following Showers

Haiti: 6 deaths and 8,000 homes flooded following showers
Residents wade through a flooded street triggered by Tropical Storm Isaac in Port-au-Prince. [NY Daily News/2012/file]
Residents wade through a flooded street triggered by Tropical Storm Isaac in Port-au-Prince. [NY Daily News/2012/file]
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - The rains of recent days have caused the death of at least six persons. 245 families have been displaced because of overflowing rivers and more than 8,379 homes are flooded and 46 homes totally destroyed according to the Directorate of Civil Protection and the Interior Ministry. Already, in the midst of a resurgence of Cholera, patterns suggest the epidemic will be aggravated by the flooding.


April 6, 2015: Interior Minister Ariel Henry interviewed by Marie Lucie Bonhomme.
Deaths overnight haven't been recorded but the minister said more deaths have been reported. Significant damage was recorded in Cite Soleil where 7,528 are flooded. Three of the deaths occurred in the metropolitan area and three others in Delmas, and Carrefour. In total 8,413 families are affected in Port-au-Prince.

Interior Minister Ariel Henry said flooding was recorded in the department of Grand Anse because of rains that have poured since March 30. He said there are 391 homes that are flooded and 16 homes that were totally destroyed. For this, there are 449 families that are affected.

The most affected cities are Apricot, Jeremie, Coral and Mother Mary. Large losses in the agricultural sector are recorded in Dame Mary.  Families are being held in temporary shelters said Minister Henry who said that the government would be providing support to victims.

"We have taken steps to mobilize resources to help the affected populations," the said Henry who also called on people residing in vulnerable areas to be vigilant to prevent other human and material losses.

Showers were recorded especially in the southern peninsula of Haiti in the last 7 days. Source: Metropole

Cholera Resurgence

Haiti has been experiencing a resurgence of Cholera cases since December 2014 with figures doubling in cases and deaths at 86. The disease which thrives in water has seen upticks following heavy floods in the country.

The Cholera epidemic began in Haiti in October 2010 and is sourced from a United Nations peacekeeping base in Mirebalais where Nepalese soldiers used neglectful waste practices which contaminated the water supply of the Mirebalais river.

Since 2010, more than 8,000 deaths have been recorded and 750,000 cases.

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