Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flooding - Tabarre

Monday was a cleanup day on the streets of Port-au-Prince which had been flooded. Canals, full of garbage overflowed onto the streets and into people's homes. Tabarre for the last few years has had floods even during minor rainstorms. Drainage is not prepared for very well. The canals that are there are full of garbage. People living near the large drainage project by the State Vehicle Insurance company vented their frustrations by erecting barricades of burning tires. The project is not finished yet. The Haitian news said that the government is preparing to take back private land for the canal to be finished. A half-finished drainage canal doesn't work. The CIMO riot police put out the burning tires and spent the day on-site to stop people from barricading the Tabarre Road. Near the burning tire site is the MOD supercentre. It is great to see larger businesses set up stores in Haiti. This was the first time we were there and we went through the store looking at what was available. On the way back home we hit a major traffic jam snarl at the Clercine intersection. We had to divert and find another way home. Backhoes were at work removing mud from the road. These photos show the situation in Tabarre.

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