Monday, April 6, 2015

Delmas 31 Bridge

Sometime during this past weekend's rain storms the area around the Delmas 31 bridge collapsed. The rushing waters that filled the ravine caused the small park area to collapse into the ravine. Walls on both sides collapsed. There were a lot of gabions in place to shore up the sides and it still fell. Water sure is powerful. It looks like the next major rain storm will bring additional damage to the area around the bridge. The bridge was partially destroyed during the earthquake and then completely destroyed by rainfall. It has since been rebuilt and now it looks like it is in danger again of being destroyed. I hope that the government will act quickly to save the bridge before it is too late. Near the bridge is a graffiti painting saying that Haiti Pap Peri (Haiti will not perish). The Haitian people are strong and it seems like there is one disaster after another but the country will never perish. Please keep this year's rainy season in prayer.

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