Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dieula Pierre-Louis - Earthquake Victim - 5 Years Later

Dieula Pierre-Louis' entire life changed the moment the earthquake struck in January 2010. Her house collapsed during the earthquake pinning her husband and herself under the rubble. Neighbours removed them from the rubble the day after the earthquake. Her husband suffered back injuries and she suffered a broken arm and leg that needed surgery. Her injuries were serious and she was unconscious for 3 days. Fortunately her children were not inside the home when their house coll...apsed. Her husband is living with relatives in the countryside. He is no longer able to look after his family. It has been tough on Dieula to try and support her children. This task has been made even more difficult because her sister and brother-in-law were killed in the earthquake and now Dieula is a mother to her sister's 5 children. Dieula now has 9 children to raise. She is a determined woman and makes the best out of a difficult situation. Dieula's family is one of the families we share our Feed My Starving Children Manna packs with. We took her this week to Bernard Mevs Hospital to meet the Broken Earth Halifax Orthopedic team. She has an appointment to meet the next Broken Earth team that arrives on May 3rd. She still has the steel plates in her right arm and right leg. Some days the pain can be quite bad. We are hoping that the orthopaedic team can help her. She lives with her family in the Delmas 33 area in a tarp shelter. Sometimes when she comes over to visit the day after a heavy rainstorm she is in tears about dealing with a leaky shelter. Please keep Dieula and her family in prayer.

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