Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oct. 22 - Dr. Karen McCarthy - Medical Team - Clinic

Dr. Karen's medical team is holding another medical clinic here at Coram Deo today. So many people showed up early this morning that when the guys opened the gate to start letting people in that they pushed the gate open, knocked the guys aside and ran into the yard. I went out and told them that if they didn't have a card in their hand that they wouldn't get seen and they couldn't get a card unless they were standing in front of the gate outside of the yard. Fortunately they all listened and left the yard :) It is a busy day for the team. The need for medical care is desperate. The poor can't afford to pay a consultation, get tests done and then buy medicine at Haitian clinics. This morning one mother came in with a set of triplets. We are going to keep following up with them. When Meredith Price returns to Haiti next week she and Macdonald will track their progress. It is neat. Wednesday a set of twins came in and today a set of triplets :) A boy came in who has had a hip injury for a couple of months. He climbed a tree and jumped down instead of climbing down and the impact did some damage to his hip. There are a couple of patients that need follow up who are coughing up blood. There is a tuberculosis program at Grace Children's Hospital. Pray for the team's efforts here in Haiti :)

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