Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oct. 19 - Jn. Eddy - Jeremie

Jn. Eddy and Amos returned to Port-au-Prince from Jeremie yesterday afternoon. It was a long trip by bus. Amos lost the camera I gave him to take some photos but they said that the disaster in Jeremie is terrible. They went to visit family of Jn. Eddy in the Marfranc region. His grandmother is alive :)As with many people there her home was destroyed. Marfranc is not receiving humanitarian aid like Jeremie, Chambelland and Moron are. Pray that aid can reach Marfranc. There is also cholera in the area. They spoke with people who had 2 family members who had just come back from cholera treatment. The agricultural destruction is enormous but banana, yam, malanga and other root crops are starting to bounce back with the rains that are falling. The field crops will come back. The trees are a sad story. Breadfruit, oranges, grapefruit and mango trees suffered heavy losses. Pray that the people start now planting tree seedlings to replace the fallen trees. Pray for Jn. Eddy's family and the many more families who have no shelter. Pray that humanitarian aid reaches Marfranc.

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