Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nov. 9 - Elections

I am Canadian but last night I watched the results of the electoral vote. It was just as exciting as watching Hockey Night In Canada! There are passionate supporters of Trump and passionate supporters of Clinton. I pray that there can be unity. Only 1 person can be president. America is a great nation and has a great people. It became great because people worked together. This is my prayer for the United States, that the people can unite and work together.
Haiti has an upcoming presidential election taking place November 20th. This morning ex-president Bertrand Aristide in a new article told his followers to "dechoukaj" ( which means to riot and destroy) if the election is not held on November 20th. This is the article that I read this morning on Haiti Radio Metropole:
The former president Jean Bertrand Aristide called on his supporters to resort to "Dechoukaj" if the elections are not conducted on November 20, 2016. This will be a legitimate election Dechoukaj defense, said Mr. Aristide, speaking at a rally in support the presidential candidate of his party, Maryse Narcisse.
It is necessary that the elections are conducted on 20 November, said Mr. Aristide recalling that the presidents of the two branches of Parliament are also of this opinion.
He felt that the numerous delays of voting was to prevent the victory of the candidate of Fanmi Lavalas.
The elections were postponed last month because of the enormous damage caused by the hurricane Matthew in the southern peninsula.
In the opinion of Mr. Aristide certain sectors, which had excluded his party for the 2010 presidential election, continue to hatch conspiracies to prevent the return to power of Lavalas. The former president is confident that Ms. Narcisse will be elected in the first round and will be able to receive the nomination for the highest office February 7, 2017.
In his speech Mr. Aristide argued that the Dechoukaj as a self-defense does not constitute violence. He considers that this is a reaction after 12 years of exclusion of his party from the electoral scene. Conspiracy exclusions over the last 12 years against Fanmi Lavalas are violence, insisted Mr. Aristide claiming that his party did not intend to resign themselves to the exclusion plan. Today the exclusion will be finished as a legitimate self-defense, said the former president.

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