Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oct. 10 - Coram Deo Update

We spent the day up in the Kenscoff mountains hiking to visit people who live near Pastor Pierre's church. A lot of the houses had their tin roofs blow away. Pastor Pierre's house needs to be repaired/reconstructed. Some large trees were snapped in half. Some had fallen on the homes. An aid shipment from Mdm. Martelly tried to go and deliver tin and wood so that people could put on new roofs but the people in Gordet stopped them. The convoy ended up turning around with no distribution being done. A lot of livestock perished in addition to damaged trees and crops. There are a lot of broken banana trees with some already growing new shoots.A vehicle can not go down the Bongar road through the mountains. We took a couple of rides with motorcycle taxis and walked sections too. There are 3 land/rock slides blocking the road. The people are saying that they think that the mayor of Kenscoff will be sending road construction crews this week to remove the landslides. The kind of help that people in the mountains are requesting is tin roof sheets, wood lattes for the roof frame, and also tarps. I will post photos tomorrow. Fedner and Ramsey will be going on Wednesday to Chantal to help out family and Jn. Eddy will be going to Jeremie later in the week to help out family there. Please continue to keep the people of Haiti in prayer. Wishing everyone in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving today!

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