Monday, November 21, 2016

Lycee Jean Marie Vincent Voting Centre - Jean Bertrand Aristide

Jean Bertrand Aristide played a switcheroo on all the reporters and people waiting at the Lycee Jean Marie Vincent for his arrival. When the convoy of vehicles entered the grounds people thought that Aristide would be in the first vehicle. The journalists all formed a rugby scrum on the steps of the building waiting for Aristide to get out of the vehicle. We stayed back and had fun watching the reporters scramble for position :) We heard a door opening on the second vehicle and were surprised to see that it was Jean Bertrand Aristide and his wife who stepped out! We had perfect position for taking pictures as he passed in front of us:) We were happy that we were the only people there that didn't fall for the switcheroo :) A crowd of people accompanied Aristide on his drive home. One man told me that Aristide is the father of Haiti and a woman squealed in delight because she was able to touch his arm. The Lavalas party has a lot of support but I think that Jovenel Moise will be president.

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