Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oct. 13 - Coram Deo Update

Today was a frustrating day in getting things fixed. But we are making progress :) The Ford Ranger has been giving a warning oil and battery light. We went and got an oil change and grease job at Economic Tire. The Toyota Hilux tires are so bad that we can not even repair them :) The thread is so thin that stones keep breaking into the inner tube and causing flats. This afternoon we bought 4 new tires. The electricity in the house is sort of possessed. One minute the fan works well and the next minute it works slow. The desktop computer is not working well either. It wasn't recognizing my printer and now it won't allow my version of internet security software. We haven't heard word from how Fedner and Ramsey are doing out in Chantal. I am worried that things are difficult there. There were over 80 registered deaths there during the hurricane. I am not sure if aid is getting to that area. Yesterday I was frustrated with the guys. Jn. Eddy asked me if he could go with Amos to pick up some donated medicine from a Haitian doctor. They left at 11:30am and by 6:30pm there was no word from them. They ended up driving all the way to Thomonde which is near Hinche to pick up a suitcase. I am glad that the Ford Ranger made it back with the warning lights of oil and battery problems lighting up on the dashboard. Next time I will have to ask more questions specific to where they are going :) Pray we can get all our problems fixed :)

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