Sunday, November 27, 2016

Election Day - Wyclef Jean - Lycee Petionville

We visited the large voting centre at the Lycee Petionville. It was a busy place! As we were waiting to enter the lycee some people came out and Ramsey said that one of the people was Wyclef Jean, a well-known singer/celebrity. He lives in the United States but has never become an American citizen. He came to Haiti to vote. I went into paparazzi mode and tried to get a better picture :) People were happy to see him and came up to him to say hello. Yvens was able to get up close to him. Wyclef Jean was one of the celebrities who sang on the well-known "We Are The World" song that was re-made after the earthquake. Through his aid organization Yele he donated a cat scan machine to Bernard Mevs Hospital. Thanks to him the hydrocephalus children can get a cat scan done easily :)


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