Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oct. 17 - Coram Deo Update

We went with Jim Hambrick and Troy Price to Kenscoff to look at Pastor Pierre's house. Pastor Pierre has started the work repairing the rear foundation to his house. A big thanks to Hal and Chris Nungester for letting Pastor Pierre's family stay with them while he makes repairs to their home :)Thank you Jim, Troy, and Eileen for the help we have received so far that enabled Pastor Pierre to start the repair work. Today is a national holiday here in Haiti (Mort de Dessalines) and everything is closed. We had a rain shower while driving down from Kenscoff but it didn't last long. Port-au-Prince didn't get anything. The needs in Haiti are overwhelming due to the vast damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. As a mission Coram Deo is only a "guppy" in the sea of missions here in Haiti. We are grateful that we can help Pastor Pierre start to fix his home. If anyone would like to donate please contact Mission Of Tears. You can even donate online :) Tomorrow I am going to contact the mayor of Cite Soleil to see if they can repair that canal that overflows each time it rains into the Bois Neuf area. We sent in an application to Haiti One as well to see if they can help us with helping families in the Chantal area of the country. Please pray for the missions who are working hard to provide humanitarian relief to the hard hit areas of the South.

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