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Teams - Part 2


Yonel's wife has a spot where she sits in the market. When we visited she was downtown buying supplies at another market.

The British Red Cross has done a good job of rebuilding the canal. When heavy rains fall, this neighborhood no longer has flooding.

Tanya is holding Tanya Jr.. Tanya Jr. is Yonel's youngest child.

Jameson is Yonel's son. He was born with a cleft lip and palette. Several years ago we were able to help him get surgery. Now he looks like any other child :) Jameson is a student here at our school program.

The British Red Cross has put solar street lights through Cite 4 to help improve security at night. Several families still live in a temporary home on the site where their home used to be before the earthquake.

Deslie is taking a picture from the front door of Yonel's home. Angels for Haiti of which Tanya and Marlene are founders of sponsored the rebuilding of Yonel's home.

Half of Yonel's reconstructed home was partially demolished by the British Red Cross to make room for an enlarged canal. He was told that people couldn't live within 2 metres of the canal and that his home would eventually need to be destroyed and that he should leave the area. What I don't understand is that all along the canal are homes. Yonel is standing his ground and refusing to leave. He won't leave unless all the other people along the canal leave.

This is one of Yonel's neighbors home. They live in a partially destroyed home. A young adult is holding a tutoring session with some younger children. Parents take the education of their children seriously. They all want them to succeed.

This happy girl was standing near the canal.

We took a walk along the canal. Most canals in Haiti are open. It is good to see the British Red Cross covering the canal to serve as a sidewalk. Notice too that there are homes located on both sides of the canal. Will the British Red Cross destroy all the homes?

Here is a section of canal that hasn't been covered yet.

Yonel is determined to live in the neighborhood he currently lives in. If his house is destroyed he will probably need to find some land out in Canaan.

In Canaan thousands of people who lost their homes to the earthquake are setting up for a new life.

This is a photo of Herode, mother and Jn. Eddy. Jn. Eddy helped his mother buy a plot of land in Canaan.

The family paid 5,000 H$ (600US$). This is a good investment on their part. The government is planning to do infrastructure work in Canaan. Over the years their land will increase in value. Nearby there is a large construction project going on for an olympic center being built. There is also a hospital being constructed nearby, all signs of progress.

We drove further north heading up Rte. Nationale #1 and saw the large sign near the entrance to the St. Christophe earthquake mass grave site. On the bottom of the sign it reads "January 12th - We will never forget"

A sign at the entrance reads: "January 12, 2010. We will never forget you. What memory? What lesson?

There is a memorial stone on the mass grave which reads: "January 12, 2010. We will never forget you"

Thousands of unknown people are buried here. 2 of our Coram Deo family are buried here. Amos' older brother Samuel and one of our school teachers, Milien both died at the university they attended. They were writing exams when the earthquake struck. They were both christians and we know that they are at peace in heaven.

On the top of this hill are crosses.

This too is a memorial site. People walk up here to leave flowers and other items in memory of loved ones who died in the earthquake.

Every year Tanya and Marlene have gone to St. Christophe to visit.

We headed out to climb the hill.

We looked down on another area of the mass grave site where there was a cross.

A series of small crosses with no names, a few which are still standing are around the area, that people have placed in memory of a loved one.

A site from above of the mass grave site.

It is humbling to see that by God's grace we survived the earthquake. We need to work to help the people of this country. God allowed us to live. With all our strength we will ehlp the people.

One of the crosses at the top of the hill.

A view of the team walking the footpath up the hill.

It was a good hike to the hilltop.

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