Friday, March 15, 2013

Continuation of School Shelter Project Photos


It has been a busy time with teams, clinics, medical cases and lots of improvements being made to the grounds. Now I have time to return to the blog and start where I left off. I am looking forward to posting the photos of what has been going on here at Coram Deo. The last photos I put were of Jeff and Nathan building a school shelter along the front wall. Pastor Pierre enthusiastically helped with laying the tin.

With the 2 tin layers feet showing, Jeff and Nathan started working on the walls.

It didn't take long for the sheets of plywood to be cut and screwed into place.

A work in progress shot.

I like the characters we have painted on the wall. Jeff gets a thumbs up for all his work!

The shelter is taking shape.

We ordered the sand and gravel to prepare for the cement work, which was the 2nd part of the project.

Lucky enjoys all that sand! Great to dig in :)

Almost done.

The shelter is finished in one day!

There was still a couple of hours left and phase 2 of the project began. The guys busily hauled gravel to form the floor of the school shelter.

There is lots of room for this classroom.

The guys shoveled up a storm and the dust was flying as they raced to get everything done!

Jeff graded the gravel with the rake.

A medical team of Jim Hambricks' spent the day seeing patients and when Jim returned later in the day he was shocked to see the shelter already done ;)

Some of the medical team posed for a photo in front of the new school shelter.

The younger children made a crowd watching the work and the visitors.

Here they are looking at some photos that a visitor from Jim's team took.

The clinic was over and the team piled into Jim's van for the short drive to the old Notre Maison building now called Until The Whole World Knows Ministry Center!

Jeff and Pastor Pierre made quick work of laying down the cement.

Sherri of Christian Light Mission lent us her cement mixer. It sure came in handy. The guys were able to work quickly at forming the floor.

Pastor Pierre had no trouble keeping up the pace with Jeff. They are both hard workers.

Here is everyone admiring the mixers' work :)

It didn't take long to pour the floor.

Amos wanted to show off his mixer steering skills! He was kept busy running around for the supplies.

Almost done.

Some time left to work on the generator changing the filters.

A rooftop view of the new school shelter. It blends in well along the front wall.

Next step was to prepare this front section of the yard for a cement pour.

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