Thursday, March 21, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 6


Ysmaille's guys added a support to the roof stairs to give extra strength and support to the stairway.

The welders attached a series of bench supports so that a lot of people can sit comfortably.

Tyler helped to anchor the supports to the cement.

A view of the long sidewalk down the length of the dormitory.

Not much more cement to lay down. The sidewalk is almost done.

A view of the guys bolting the seat supports to the cement floor.

We have a good supply of tools to do most of the repair and construction jobs that are done here.

The guys are mixing up the last bunch of cement for the day.

Another view of the railing bench

Tim drilled the holes while Tyler helped with the bolts.

It is good to have a wider sidewalk. A future project will be to build small cement benches near each door.

A view of the yard.

This was Tyler's first visit to Haiti.

A view of the new walkway.

The last section of railing is being bolted.

We pick up our kindergarten teacher Node each morning from her home in the Cite Aux Cayes region of Delmas 31. Amos is getting ready to return Node home.

The guys have to lift her into the truck. Node has an unidentified neuro-muscular disease. As she ages she loses more strenth in her muscles.

One of the welders are grinding off the rough edges of the solder joints.

The next stage of the project is to put a cement walkway from the toilets to the classroom and then to the back of the house.

After that we cemented and made adjustments by the septic tanks.

The guys are marking out the next phase of the project.

Everyone is enjoying the changes taking place in the yard.

Even Calens gave a lending hand with pushing the wheelbarrow :)

The section of the yard near the railing will be where we will be planting shrubs.

Here the guys are digging out the section of yard to form the sidewalk along the back of the property.

Placing these walkways will aid especially the rainy season when the yard gets muddy during heavy rains.

The large rocks will be used as part of the landscaping effect.

Tyler and Tim are raking the dirt to slope the yard near the railing.

Once the forms are in place the pouring begins.

The best part of when teams come is to work alongside the Haitian people here. They learn a lot of repair techniques that they can use in their future. Johnny is keeping a watchful eye in what Tim is doing.

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