Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 5

The guys taking a break in the shade of the tree.

Ed Amos kept busy running his clinics while the work went on.

The next part of the work project was improving the sidewalk space near the dorms. The sidewalk would be doubled in size by the time the guys were finished that day.

Sometimes Ed drives his motorcycle.

A vie of the new railing. It sure is a great improvement at improving the pedestrian flow in the yard :)

The architect of the steel work is Ysmaille. He supervises his workers so that the jobs are constructed just right.

A quick meeting to start the work!

The seat supports are being welded in place.

The sidewalk area was marked and dug out.

Sherri's cement mixer was put to use for another day of cement pouring :)

The pouring begins!

The older students who live in our yard sacrificed a day of school to work towards building their walkway.

Cleaning up in preparation.

The guys worked well together.

Tim pauses to make sure the slope is in place.

They had to make a little adjustment by the doors.

We have a large yard to make use of. All the construction is around the sides of the property making use of the areas around the perimeter walls. And still there is lots of room :)

We were steady clients at the local cement dealer :)

T-Ben and Rudy unloaded the sacs of cement from the back of the pick-up.

1/2 way done now with the new sidewalk.

The guys taking a break from making mortar.

A view from inside the new school shelter looking up the yard at all the activity going on.

The left back corner of the yard is where we will be landscaping work to improve the beauty and vegetation in the yard.

The sidewalk is forming up well.

Tyler and his uncle Tim taking a break from the sun.

Bill with a ballet pose :)

This long stretch of sidewalk was finished in a day.

Pastor Pierre hard at work.

Rudy is in remission from his cancer and provided an eager helping hand.

One of our teachers Jn. Richard is watching the work going on. The Haitian community complimented the work projects that the teams have been doing to help improve things here at Coram Deo. We are thankful for the efforts of all who came here during the last 2 months to help us out here and to provide funding for making these projects

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Len said...

once again, thanks for the pictures Karen. It's great to see how awesome the place looks. WOw. makes me sad though, cause I wasn't able to make a trip down this winter. I miss all you there and hope to return soon.
God Bless,