Friday, March 22, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 7


The guys got to work and removed dirt from the area that would form the back sidewalk to the rear school shelter and to the house.

With all the projects it is like a jigsaw being put together. And when each piece is done it blends in well with the others.

Tyler and Tim worked on leveling out the dirt near the railing.

When the teams come to Haiti it isn't all about work. It also means taking some time to sit in front of the gate and meet our neighbors. We have an active street corner and there is always lots of activity going on :)

The cement work is ready to start and the guys turned on the mixer for another day of cement pouring.

The area shown will be converted into a walkway.

Pastor Pierre wasted no time in working with the mortar.

With a slope created, heavy rains drain away.

The area around the septic tank will be the next project phase completed, once the back sidewalk is done.

The guys worked well together.

The entrance shown will be sealed off and another entrance added at the back of the school shelter.

Tim is opening up the back wall of the shelter. This way students enter the shelter from the walkway sides.

The new walkway is taking shape well.

It is good that the trees can stay where they are and we just work around them.

These walkways make everything cleaner around it.

The finishing touches are being made to the cement. The children did a good job at not walking on the fresh cement :) You can see the children are a little distracted from their school lessons. That's alright though they got a lesson in laying cement :)

Once the cement was done the guys got busy at putting the boards in place to form the seats and backs.

Things are shaping up well.

Tim is cutting the boards to size.

Erol and Pastor Pierre showed good teamwork in anchoring the boards :)

It didn't take long to build the long bench. It looks great!

One of the side walls of the back school shelter was closed in.

Now there is a barrier to give the school children less distractions from other people in the yard.

A view of the new work done to the yard. Everything blends in well!

We gave the back yard a gravel look to keep the yard cleaner and reduce the mud when it rains. We will be planting different flowers and plants in the future to this part of the yard. The small tree you seeto the right of the photo is a sour orange tree. We use the oranges to tenderize the chicken we cook on Sundays.

A load of gravel didn't take long to spread.

Time is working in the gravel.

The gravel helps to brighten up the yard too.

We are going to get some large potted tropical plants as well and place them in some of the gravel areas.

The hibiscus flower is the national flower of Haiti and the symbol flower used for the new tourism logo that the Haitian government developed. In a couple of years there will be a hibiscus hedge along the side of the railing. Haiti can be beautiful. We hope to show people who enter the yard the beauty of Haiti and to teach the students that they can reconstruct their country to be beautiful.

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Harry Homer said...

Hi Karen!

We really enjoyed seeing the wonderful oasis that has been created. The building around the perimeter is a good use of space. The trees and bushes in the middle will look beautiful. Brian is wondering where the basketball net will go ;) Max was on the school bball team this year and had a great time. He also earned his black belt in the Fall!!
Sending thoughts and prayers,
Erin and Brian Dalrymple