Monday, March 18, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 3


January and February are good months for work teams to do projects in, but the sun still gets warm. Everyone worked hard to get everything done.

Here the guys are preparing sand for the fine covering parge over the cement.

The guys here at Coram Deo did a lot of work at helping to improve the yard.

With a lot of helping hands the work goes quickly.

The front part of the yard looks great!

Te team also made benches for the large computer table in the kitchen as well as small benches for the clinic.

This is the area around the 2 trees near the front gate.

Renee brought a laser level with him from Chatham to measure the level slope of the yard.

Here are the guys busting up old concrete and using it to level part of the area they are working on.

Recycling rubble to add to the mortar mix :)

Johnny is busting up an old section of concrete that had lots of cracks.

We needed to remove the steel basketball pole. That pole was sure put in good. It took some work to get out. Bill had the idea of using the canter truck that had just finished delivering a load of gravel to wedge out the pole.

With the truck and some muscles the pole still didn't want to come out.

The truck is being used as a winch.

The guys are having fun and the pole is getting loose.

Out comes the pole :)

That pole was meant to stay. Wind and earthquakes didn't even make it budge. Finally the force of the truck and the guys dislodged that pole.

Now we will need to install the pole in a new area of the yard.

After the old concrete was bashed out and filled with cement rubble and gravel the area was prepared for a cement pour.

This was a good size portion to pour.

Once the rebar was in place the pouring began.

There were a lot of helping hands and the work went quickly.

The finishing parge is next.

It sure is great to have a large yard. The areas that were poured give more useable space for the school children.

It makes the yard look nicer and easier to keep clean too.

This entire section will eventually be covered in cement.

Pastor Pierre has become an experienced cement mason by working on projects here.

This new section of cement looks great!

We are also planning on doing landscaping work to plant flowering shrubs and beautify the yard. You can see one of the shrubs planted near the cement form.

It was great to see how much was accomplished and everyone's willingness to work in the sun!

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Thanks for the pics Karen. Great to see the update. God Bless.