Sunday, March 24, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 9


On Tim's last morning in Haiti we kept him working until just before he had to leave to go to the airport. The flourescent lights outside and in the kitchen worked so great that we bought a couple of more! Here Tim is hooking up a wire to near Ed's examining table that he also uses to perform minor surgeries.

Ed needs good lighting for the surgeries and the fluorescent light above the table will help.

The first clinic day after the benches were installed worked out well. As you can see they are strong and sturdy and support the weight of a lot of people. Thanks!

To all those who have helped out with these changes to the yard all the students and teachers of Coram Deo say Thank You!

Jn. Eddy is seated with the children. Jn. Eddy has been a part of a program since he was a young secondary student. Now he takes on a leadership role with the parents and students as well as continuing his education. This year he is in his 3rd year of university studying accounting. He is a good role model for the children.

The children looked so good standing together. The moment I said that they could return to class this is what happened :) We feel blessed to be able to help all these children.

These students have an opportunity to attend school.

From the youngest to the oldest they all share a dream of getting an education.

The railing helps protect the plants that are growing :)

These are our newest puppies, Lucky and Toro. Lucky died yesterday after running onto the street and being hit by a car. We all enjoyed having a couple of puppies. With our cat and extra dogs our problems with rats and mice have reduced significantly. Benson has his eyes set on a puppy stray dog on a street near a friends' house. Hopefully we will be able to find as good a dog as Lucky was.

Jake brought his ipad with him to Haiti and showed Calens some games. Calens really took to that laptop and enjoyed being able to use the ipad.

Calens just got approved last week for surgery in the United States to remove his cataracts and to receive cornea transplant surgery. Pray that he will be given the gift of sight. His vision is very poor and if you look at his eyes he looks blind but he can see colors. Here he is looking at the colors on the ipad.

One of the visitors brought some blocks with them. Calens and the other children enjoy constructing different towers and houses.

The older children are loving the computer lab! Thanks to all those who donated the laptops. The new table is well used :)

The ability to use a computer is an asset in Haiti. A lot of people don't get the opportunity to use a computer. This could help the guys get a job one day.

We set up times for computer usage so there are no fights :)

We would like to organize computer courses online to help the students. Online education is a great thing that we can pursue with these laptops.

After a short pause the next teams came in. Here we are picking up the Angels to Haiti team, led by my sister Tanya and Marlene. The Angels to Haiti team have made several trips to Haiti and are like family to us here at Coram Deo.

Tanya is very experienced to dealing with situations in Haiti. Here she is handling paying for the redcaps who helped out with the luggage. The redcaps can be intimidating sometimes as they try to get as much money out of people as possible, but Tanya knows what the fair, standard rate is to pay ;)

That same day we picked up Jantje, Deslie and Jonathan. It was great to have company again and also to have some help at getting work done :)

The same day as the visitors arrived Aflac hatched her ducklings. here is one of the many that were born :)

A litter of 14 baby ducks were born. If you look closely you can count all 14. All 14 eggs hatched! It is amazing that just 12 hours ago these baby ducklings were eggs :)

Poor Aflac had to raise her ducklings by herself. The male duck, Daffy flew into the neighbors yard and was never seen again. Behind our back wall is the Delmas 31 outdoor market so i think that Daffy made a daffy decision and ended up in someones soup pot. Somebody enjoyed a feast of duck :)

There was lots of work to do and Jonathan and the guys got started at digging out the area around the septic tank to prepare for a cement pour.

The guys made use of the cement mixer again.

The septic tank would be covered in 2 sections. Here is the cement being laid down for the 1st section.

Having the laundry area cemented will make it cleaner for hanging laundry and if clothes fall off the line.

The guys made quick progress.

And in no time at all the finishing touches were put to the 1st section of the septic tank area

Pastor Pierre has a large cyst/lypoma on his left shoulder. He needs to get it surgically removed. Ed offered to do the surgery to remove it for him but Pastor Pierre doesn't want to waste any days healing from surgery. Pray that one day the surgery can be done and that we can find a way to pay him a salary so that he can devote more time to helping the people living in the Kenscoff mountain area.

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