Sunday, March 17, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 2


Pour by pour we cemented the front section of the yard which will be used as extra play space for the children and also will reduce mud during rainy season :)

The guys here provided a lending hand to Jeff and Nathan as they set up sections to be poured.

T-Ben is helping Nathan install rebar.

The morning sun shines in one of the side classrooms. We needed to raise the wall to block the sun.

The guys are shown here preparing the wall for the cement blocks.

The front porch also needed repairing. The small lower porch doesn't serve much purpose. The roof doesn't extend over that section and makes it slippery when wet. To free up some extra space and improve the look of the porch we removed the lower section.

It didn't take long to take a sledgehammer to it.

Nathan is readying another section of yard for a cement pour.

For the last few days of Jeff and Nathans' stay a team of the Tamminga family, from Alberta and Ontario came to lend a hand.

The lower porch is removed and ready for the cement pour.

With the help of the Tamminga's we were able to accelerate our yard improvements!

It didn't take long for the wall to be raised.

We had a few different repairs going on at once, as well as Ed's medical clinic. The patients did a good job of not stepping into the wet cement :)

Rene Tamminga is doing the finishing work to the side shelter.

Our prayer request for 10 laptop computers were answered! The Tammingas came with 9 laptop computers that people had donated. We needed to construct a large table in the kitchen to serve as the computer lab/cyber cafe.

Here, the finishing touches are being put to the area where part of the porch was removed.

The cement pour began along the front part of the yard.

The worked moved along quickly.

It didn't take long to construct the table.

The table top is being cut and placed. Next will be painting the table.

Pastor Pierre's nickname is the Duracell Bunny. He works constantly and doesn't seem to tire out!

Another pour is done!

The front part of the yard is being transformed and improved!

The cement mixer was really put to use.

The guys are preparing a section of yard by the front gate.

We work around the trees.

This small section was done quickly.

We had some material to make more benches and also repaired some damaged benches. Our goal is to be able to have school and hold large community clinics at the same time. We want to construct extra benches that we can store in the depot for these large clinic days.

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