Tuesday, March 19, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 4


Tim made a visit with his nephew Tyler and Bill Vandergaag. Bill is a plumber by trade and we took advantage of his skills by putting the plumbing in place for a new project to build a second set of washrooms. Here the guys are holding a team meeting planning what to do.

We took a break from cementing the front part of the yard....

... to concentrate on the back of the yard, and doing some landscaping

Pastor Pierre got started at building rings around the trees.

The guys had to cut down the bougainvilla bush in the area that will make the new set of washrooms.
Jake and the guys made bouquets of bougainvilla flowers.

The bougainvilla flower all year round and grow well in dry and wet ground conditions.

The kindergarten teachers were handed a bouquet of flowers. Node enjoyed the gift :)

Pastor Pierre got busy clearing the site.

It didn't take long with a few people helping him.

Some of the old concrete was busted up. A wider sidewalk near along the dormitory walls will be constructed.

Claudin made quick work with the sledgehammer.

Bill measured and cut the pipes he needed for the project....

... and had the guys dig where he wanted to lay the pipes.

It will make it easier to construct the new washroom with the pipes already in position.

Bill is laying the toilet drain pipes in the location for the 2 new toilets.

The guys watched and learned some plumbing skills at the same time.

Once everything is in place the whole area will be cemented.

They made quick work of pouring the cement floor.

All the new construction is blending well together and improving the organization and looks of the yard.

Pastor Pierre got started on the back wall.

We will eventually raise the wall and construct the toilets. There are always projects here to do :)

Rudy worked hard and took a breather in the wheelbarrow.

After the work was done Bill took a break for a cold bottle of Coca-Cola :)

At his work in Canada Bill constructed a small safe box for the visitors room. It is now bolted in place in one of the closets in the bedroom.

To control access to the house and continue with landscape improvements Jake planned a railing along the driveway. Ysmailles' welders did the metal welding work to construct the railing.

We want to plant a hedge along the length of the railing. Some small shrubs were planted already.

The railing meets up with the end of the driveway. The metal structure is strong and sturdy.

The bars coming out for the side will form supports for a long bench that will be constructed to provide seating for patients.

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