Saturday, March 23, 2013

School Shelter Project Photos - Part 8


Tim and Bill are working in the gravel along the back part of the yard.

Witney and Amos did the painting of the bench.

William was the project supervisor :)

Erol and Eryl painting the walls of the new school shelter.

The dark brown paint blends in well with the support poles and the colors of the house. It is doesn't show the dirt easily.

Our yard is turning into a resort :)

The gravel looks great and when the young hibiscus plants grow in a couple of years we will have a hibiscus hedge :)

Almost done painting the bench.

With 2 guys and a couple of rollers the walls were finished quickly.

The morning sun shines into the shelter from the side that Eryl is painting. We raised the walls to the roof to block the morning sun from shining into the classroom.

The shelter is done and ready to move the benches inside.

Amos and Rudy painted the extra clinic benches.

Tyler and Tim are getting ready to install the lighting fixture that the Canadian military left us.

The fixture would be installed under the carport.

Rockchy and Dieubon kept a close eye on the activities. Rockchy is the youngest brother of Rudy.

The resort section of our yard is done! Now we need to add some more flowers, plants and the yard will be complete :)

Rockchy's big brother Rudy enjoys painting the benches.

The light switch by the kitchen door was fixed properly too. The children kept breaking the light switch. They are getting older now so hopefully the new switch lasts longer :)

Tyler and Tim are anchoring the fixture into place.

Tyler lost his head :)

It was kind of awkward for the guys to work but the light was put up in quick time.

Our new school shelter looks great!

Almost done.

Our gift from the Canadian military is in place :)

The guys are finishing up doing the clinic benches and the long benches for the inside computer lab.

That night the benches and the flourescent light provided enough light to study by.

It's great to see progress! We bought some more flourescent light fixtures at Eko Depot. The next light was installed on the front porch.

We also update the light fixture for the kitchen.

The new light fixture provides more light for the kitchen.

This is our newest security addition to Coram Deo. Toro, our bull mastiff puppy. He needs a lot of growing to catch up with those long ears. By the size of his paws you know he will be a big dog. We got him as a gift from Ed.

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