Saturday, October 16, 2010

photos - various - part 6

Sterline Bonhomme was there with her mother for a post-op check. Her mother does a good job at looking after her. Pray for all those children who will be receiving surgeries and for the medical team as they make their plans. We will be assisting in providing meals for the families while they are in the hospital for the morning and evening meals.

What is inside this container at the hospital is unique for Haiti and a big step forward!

This is for Telemedicine. Consultations can be made with medical doctors and specialists overseas. Education for haitian medical personnel can be provided as well. It is good to see positive changes taking place!

There was a sad discovery made in the garbage near this dumpster in front of the St.Louis refuge camp on Delmas 31.
*** Graphic photo ahead - scroll forward if you don't want to see it ****

This man noticed clothing in the garbage and pushed the garbage aside to find this dead baby girl. Someone had dumped her in the garbage. People walking by were discusted with the person who would do something like this. We went to the police station on Delmas 33 to report it and they sent out a patrol to remove the body. Pray for the individual(s) who would do something like that.

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