Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear Readers:

I thank a reader for this link to video footage showing the proximity of MINUSTAH toilets to the river near Mirebalais. They look like portable toilets, the kind that have to be pumped for off-site disposal, but I'm not certain. Peacekeepers were digging in the ground between the few yards between the toilets and the river.

A U.N. senior official stated that water samples were negative for cholera. the narrator, Sebastian Walker, stated that U.N. headquarters confirmed that some of the peacekeepers came from Nepal in mid-October, a few weeks after the cholera outbreak in Nepal.

An independent, transparent, competent, comprehensive investigation of that base should be done, followed by a full sweep of all bases in the country, their sewage practices, designs, performance, contractors, money spent and to whom.

A recent map of MINUSTAH bases is at:

Thank you,
Stuart Leiderman

Al Jazeera visited the MINUSTAH base in Mirebalais today and stumbled upon a bunch of Nepalese troops digging beside their toilets:

Follow the video link to:

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