Sunday, October 17, 2010


Junior met Mikaben at EpiDor on Monday. Mikaben is a well-known Haitian musician. Junior is a talented musician as well. His guitar and keyboard were smashed during the earthquake. A Haitian pastor offered him to attend a music school in the Dominican Republic and that he could stay at his house while there. He needs to finish his tuberculosis treatment first though.

Mikaben wrote a song about Haiti after the earthquake. The opening verse of the song translated into english is:

"Father God, you see better than us.
We ask you to guide us in this situation.
It is a difficult moment.
We the Haitian artists,
We say that we will never leave the people.
We will always be here to give them courage,
To give them a bit of hope."

The closing verse of the song translated into english is:

"Please God, give us strength to stand in life
Please Father, give us strength to save this country
A bit of hope for Haiti"

To hear this music video follow the link to:


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Anonymous said...

wow that is great news
if it were not for you Karen he would never have had this chance
congrats Junior