Saturday, October 16, 2010

photos - various - part 1

Benson loves his remote control sports car!

Summer vacation is over! Schools are starting to open up all across the city. We opened our program here on Monday.

The guys are good about keeping their hair cut. Schools in Haiti are strict on hair styles. No Mohawks allowed!

The newest resident here at Coram Deo is Solyvien Favra. He spent some time in the United States to get surgery on his deformed foot. He walks straight now. The time he spent in Virginia gave him the opportunity to learn english. He enjoys living here. His family lives in a refuge camp in the Delmas 18 area.

Jansika and her mother are living here temporarily as well. The hydrocephalus surgeries will be held starting on October 24th. With all the rain we have been having it is better for Jansika and her mother that they stay in a cleaner environment here on our grounds than what is available in the refugee camp they were living at in the Hatt area.

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