Wednesday, October 13, 2010

photos - various - part 6

This woman came up to us with her grandchild. The mother left him with her after he was born and then took off. Since then the grandmother has tried to raise him. A year ago he suffered a seizure from a fever and since then he has been delayed in his development.

He is 2-years-old and is only just now starting to sit again. His development is slow because of his nutritional state as well. She asked us to help her find an orphanage for him.

These protesters were protesting in front of the offices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the rain.

They are ex-public state workers trying to reclaim 3 years of salary arrears. At the bottom of this banner they say "Aba privatizasyon" (Down with Privatisation). The state telephone company was recently sold for a 60% interest to a Vietnamese company.

The UN continues their presence here in Haiti especially during the election period for a new president for Haiti. Pray for peaceful elections.

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