Wednesday, October 13, 2010

photos - homecomings - part 1

Rudy and his father came back to Haiti last week. Rudy's leukemia is cured or at least in a remission state. We first came into contact with this family when the earthquake struck and they sought refuge in our yard. We noticed the swelling of his belly and neck area. He was coughing because the swelling was affecting his breathing. He was medically evacuated by the US Military to the United States and received medical care. You can see he is doing great. Now his family is together again back in Haiti. We give the Lord thanks for His healing mercies.

The mission that assisted him in the United States has constructed a new family home in the north part of the country in St. Michel de L'Attalye. A truck was sent to transport the belongings of Rudy's family and family out to the north.

And best news of all is that the poultry went too! They were all tied up so they couldn't escape.

Another homecoming took place this week as well. Daphka St. Vil went to the United States a couple of years ago for orthopedic surgery on her lower left leg. Her left leg wouldn't heal properly and the decision was made to amputate her lower leg. She was fitted for a prosthesis and returned back to Haiti with her host mother. This photo was taken in front of the school she attended in Ohio.

Daphka's aunt is on the left. Her mother is on the right. They were happy to see her after 2 years. Daphka forgot her creole language and I translated for her.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Rudy is home and the family is reunited! What wonderful news! Must admit that I am sad that I will no longer see them at your place Karen. They must have had mixed emotions about leaving.