Wednesday, October 13, 2010

photos - homecomings - part 2

Daphka is comfortable with her prosthetic leg and is a happy girl. She will need to have frequent revisions to her prosthesis as she grows. While she transitions back to Haiti she is temporarily staying at HIS Home for Children, which is run by Hal and Chris Nungester.

On Sunday afternoon we brought Daphka to her family home in the ravine area of Delmas 31. A lot of people wanted to meet her there. The family home was damaged during the earthquake and the family has been living in a large tent which is in front of their damaged home.

Everybody peeked in to see Daphka.

Daphka showed some of the children her photo album that was made for her by her host family.

Her host mother Betty took some pictures of the reunion to share with people back in Ohio. We give the Lord thanks for those who open up their homes to children in need of care.

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