Tuesday, August 25, 2009

photos - sheila's wedding - part 1

The funeral for Sheila Rene was at the Montfort Paroisse. The church is on the 2nd floor. This is a photo of everyone leaving the church. The church is located in the Cite Aux-Cayes area.

The bride and groom and their entourage were late for the wedding. The wedding was supposed to start at 3:00pm and when it was 4:30pm the priest got tired of waiting and decided to start the wedding service without the bride and groom! Here the youth choir is singing.

The bridal party was surprised to find the service almost over by the time they arrived. This is one of the bridesmaids.

Sheila was accompanied by her godfather. Mdm. Lukner is her mother. She is on the left. I think she was telling her to hurry and not trip over her dress!

The bride and groom arrived at the front just as the priest was beginning the vows. Good thing they showed up!

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