Monday, August 17, 2009

photos - medical

Daphka St. Vil is doing well after her 2nd surgery to correct a leg deformity. She is being cared for well by her host family in the United States.

Solyvien Favra is doing well in the United States with his host family as well. The first day was spent turning light switches on and off and playing with the water taps. Pray for those that will be treating his left foot deformity.

Angelo Lafortune visited with his mother this week. He just got back from the United States for a post-surgery follow-up visit with his neurosurgeon. There is no sign of the brain tumor growing back after 2 years!

You won't notice it but Doudeleimy Beaubrun used to have clubbed feet. She went to the United States a couple of years ago to get this deformity surgically corrected. We give the Lord thanks that she can now stand and walk normally.

Her parents are proud of her and happy that she is doing well. They brought along a gift of a gallon of milk fresh from the cow!

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